_WBS7275-X2 bradshipp

Frostbiting! Photo courtesy of Brad Shipp

Sailing is a term often described through song, verse and pictures. At EYC, sailing is more than the pastime one might think it is – it is a foundational element to our success as a Yacht Club. Whether it be recreational, competitive or a learning experience at the Edgewood Sailing School, sailing is a year round activity for our members. Some would say the boating season, here in New England, is at best six month a year endeavor, EYC members know otherwise. The hardy bunch of EYC sailors known by many as the “Frozen Few” spend time on the water during the most inclement and inhospitable of winter weather conditions.

In the spring, milder weather will bring day sailors out to enjoy the weather, while the cruising and racing captains prepare their boats for the upcoming summer/fall boating season.  After the Opening Day festivities in mid May, the racing, cruising and learning at EYC begins anew.

There are many cruising activities to places inside and outside of Narragansett Bay planned each year throughout the season. A Club Cruise during the first weeks in August has been actively bringing members together since 1979. The Cruise traditionally heads East, then West in alternating years. Marina’s, other Yacht Clubs and local “gunk holes” are often visited, ensuring a mix of sights, sailing conditions, good food and friendly company along the way.

EYC is also the host Yacht Club for the Brown University sailing team. Throughout the early summer season Brown sailors can be seen  sharpening their skills on Narragansett Bay waters.

EYC and its members are active in NBYA’s (Narragansett Bay Yachting Association) activities, participating in PHRF class racing and regattas throughout the sailing season.