Edgewood Yacht Club is more than just a place for boating!

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 Edgewood Yacht Club – Your Home on The Water

Edgewood Yacht Club is more than just a place to keep your boat. Whether you own a boat, want to own one someday or just like to be near the water, EYC has a lot to offer.  We have three types of memberships, Full member, Dry Sail and Junior.  There is also a version of Full Sail membership that offers all of the benefits of this level of membership at a reduced price.

Our newly re-built clubhouse is our home away from home and is a great center for activities all year.  Perched high above the water, the views are second to none.  

We have land-based activities year round, as well as several racing series, cookouts, open houses with neighbors, and club cruises to the surrounding ports which is a great adventure with friends. Have a cool drink on a hot night during the summer or grill on the T-docks after a day of boating. 

  • Full Membership – This entitles the member, or member family to have a boat in the slips or on a mooring
  • Dry Sail Membership – This entitles the member to store a small boat (eg. a small sailboat, kayak or other small boat) in a dry-sail rack and provides access to club facilities and club activities including our new Borrow-A-Boat program.
  • Junior Membership – For those individuals under the age of 25, a junior membership is available at a significant discount.  Similar to the Dry Sail Membership, this membership includes storage of a small boat (eg. a small sailboat, kayak or other small boat) in a dry-sail rack and provides access to club facilities and club activities including our new Borrow-A-Boat program. 
  • Young Adult Full Membership – This is a version of the Full Membership that offers members who are 25-35 years old at a discounted rate.

We encourage you to contact our club membership chairperson to see how you can make EYC your home on the water this summer.


Come join us.

Local Club. Local Friends. Local Fun.


Well maintained marina facilities

  • Courteous dock hands/ launch drivers
  • Clean restrooms, showers
  • Dry Sail storage rack
  • Dinghy and Courtesy Docks
  • Gin pole
  • Ice
  • Pump-out station
  • Winter Storage

Unique Historical area

  • Symbol of EYC tradition and spirit
  • Illuminated on site parking
  • Meeting and function tent
  • Extensive Sail Racing program
  • Cruising Class Series
  • Beetle Cat Series
  • Inter-Club Series
  • Various races on the bay
  • Winter frostbiting

Junior Membership

  • Sailboat Racing
  • Social Events
  • Games

Edgewood Sailing School

  • Sailing instruction for children and adults

Full year of events

  • Open House
  • Opening Day Ceremonies
  • Club Run
  • Annual Commodore’s Dinner Dance
  • “Events Afloat” – weekend cruising!
  • Club Cruise – 10 day cruise!
  • Marina Party Nights
  • Friday “Grill Nights”
  • Dinner parties

…and much, much, more!!!


There is more than boating at Edgewood Yacht Club!

For more than 125 continuous years, EYC has promoted boating, cruising, sailing and racing on Narragansett Bay and its surrounding waters, but Edgewood has a lot to offer besides boating.

Opening Day

Each year in mid May the Edgewood Yacht Club celebrates the addition of another year to the history and tradition of the Club.  Opening Day activities typically begin with the Flag Officers, Board of Governors members and Past Commodores, led by the Pawtuxet Rangers, raising the U.S. Ensign, EYC burgee and Officers flags on the Club flagstaff.

Every year members past and present, local dignitaries, residents and well-wishers, as well as visitors from around the local area gather at EYC to welcome in the new boating season.  Everyone and anyone is welcome to join us for the annual celebration.  The pomp and circumstance of the official flag raising signals the beginning of another boating season and the beginning of regular business hours at Edgewood Yacht Club.

Opening ceremonies are always followed by a hearty breakfast, served by Club members to anyone wishing to attend – and many do.  After a brief interlude, club members with their friends and family on board, participate in a “Parade of Sail” wherein each boat, in full dress fashion, parades in front of the facility marking their return to EYC for the season.  As they pass by the main dock T floats, each boat is blessed by our Fleet Chaplain before returning to their respective slip or mooring.  That however, is by no means the extent of the days activities.

Sailing events are also a part of the days activities in the early afternoon, while many of the members walk the docks meeting and greeting new and old friends in anticipation of the events and activities that will follow during the boating season.

The activities mentioned above are part and parcel to what makes EYC a great place to be a part of.  These combined with a varied, busy schedule of enjoyable summer events, when combined with the diverse membership and volunteer efforts, are what have helped Edgewood Yacht Club flourish these many years.

Tuesday Nights

Although Tuesdays are mostly about racing….. there’s still a lot of fun to be had at the club for the non-racer!  From the wraparound deck you can cheer on the racers, join us for post-race dinner, and soak up the great atmosphere at the club. Don’t stay home during the week…..celebrate the warm weather and ocean breeze with friends.

Social Events

The Social Committee at EYC helps to maintain a vibrant social atmosphere at the club. There’s an active and constant list of activities taking place all season so the club is always an exciting place to be !  And, the fun doesn’t stop just because the boating season has ended. We coordinate a series of off season activities to continually bring the members together. From grill nights under the tent to rendezvous at sea to wine and beer tastings, Edgewood Yacht Club is always the place to go for good friends and good times.

Grill Nights

Join fellow EYC members each Friday to celebrate the start of the boating weekend. There’s a fun race on Friday night coinciding with grilled food under the tent. It is a great way to catch up with friends, make new friends and enjoy the atmosphere. During a few Fridays, there are special activities going on. Watch the Gaspee Day fireworks from Pawtuxet Cove. 

Events Afloat

During the summer boating season, we also schedule numerous events afloat.  These include two day, or long weekend cruises to places like the Kickemuit, the Air Show at Quonset, and other short hops in and around the Bay.  These will be posted here and on the “News and Events” page as they are scheduled.